Country information

Country: Togo
Population: 6,587,239 inhabitants  (Last modified: 5/03/2013 )
Area 56,785 km²
Capital: Lomé
Currency: Franc (XOF)
Phone code: +228
Languages: fr-TG,ee,hna,kbp,dag,ha
Domain name: .tg
Postcode form:
Postcode regex:
Neighbors: Burkina Faso, Benin, Ghana
Fips: TO

Current local time in Togo

Current Date:
Saturday 20 April 2019
Current Time:
  • 07
  • :
  • 07
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  • 31
Time Zone: Africa/Lome
GMT/UTC: 0  hours
DST: No time changes this year!

*GMT/UTC - Standard Time Zone
*DST - Daylight Saving Time

Upcoming public holidays

Date Weekday Public holiday name Public holiday type
April 22 Monday Easter Monday National holiday
April 27 Saturday Independence Day Public Holiday
May 1 Wednesday Labour Day National holiday
June 5 Wednesday Eid al-Fitr Public Holiday
June 10 Monday Whit Monday National holiday
June 21 Friday June Solstice Season
June 21 Friday Day of the Martyrs Public Holiday
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Geographic information

Latitude in decimal degrees: 8
Longitude in decimal degrees: 1.16667
Latitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds: 8° North
Longitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds: 1° 10' 0" East
Height above sea level: 206 m,   675.85 ft,   8110.24 in
Geographical feature: A (Administrative region type feature)
Feature designation code: A.PCLI (independent political entity)