Amphoe Ban Dan
Amphoe Ban Kruat
Amphoe Ban Mai Chaiy ...
Amphoe Chaloem Phra ...
Amphoe Chamni
Amphoe Huai Rat
Amphoe Khaen Dong
Amphoe Khu Mueang
Amphoe Krasang
Amphoe Lahan Sai
Amphoe Lam Plai Mat
Amphoe Mueang Burira ...
Amphoe Na Pho
Amphoe Nang Rong
Amphoe Non Din Daeng
Amphoe Non Suwan
Amphoe Nong Hong
Amphoe Nong Ki
Amphoe Pa Kham
Amphoe Phlapphla Cha ...
Amphoe Phutthaisong
Amphoe Prakhon Chai
Amphoe Satuek

Region information

Region: Buriram
Time Zone: Asia/Bangkok
GMT/UTC: + 7  hours
DST: + 7  hours

*GMT/UTC - Standard Time Zone
*DST - Daylight Saving Time

Geographic information

Latitude in decimal degrees: 14.84823
Longitude in decimal degrees: 102.99332
Latitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds: 14° 51' 54" North
Longitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds: 102° 60' 36" East
Height above sea level: 179 m,   587.27 ft,   7047.25 in
Geographical feature: A (Administrative region type feature)
Feature designation code: A.ADM1 (first-order administrative division)

*first-order administrative division - a primary administrative division of a country, such as a state in the United States

Cities in region

Nang Rong
Prakhon Chai
Nong Ki
Ban A Kian
Ban Arang
Ban Bao Yai
Ban Bara Nae
Ban Bing
Ban Bo Daeng
Ban Boi
Ban Bong
Ban Bu
Ban Bu
Ban Bu (1)
Ban Bu Khi Lek (1)
Ban Bu Lamduan
Ban Bu Lao
Ban Bu Pho
Ban Bu Yai
Ban Bua
Ban Bua Ta Rung
Ban Bueng Charoen
Ban Bueng Kao
Ban Bueng Noi
Ban Chabian
Ban Chai Thom
Ban Chaluai
Ban Chan
Ban Chan Dum
Ban Charok Yai
Ban Chat
Ban Chik Yai
Ban Chok
Ban Chok Di
Ban Chok Tia
Ban Chom
Ban Chorakhe Mak