Uthai Thani


Amphoe Ban Rai
Amphoe Huai Khot
Amphoe Lan Sak
Amphoe Mueang Uthai ...
Amphoe Nong Chang
Amphoe Nong Khayang
Amphoe Sawang Arom
Amphoe Thap Than

Region information

Region: Uthai Thani
Time Zone: Asia/Bangkok
GMT/UTC: + 7  hours
DST: + 7  hours

*GMT/UTC - Standard Time Zone
*DST - Daylight Saving Time

Geographic information

Latitude in decimal degrees: 15.38333
Longitude in decimal degrees: 99.55
Latitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds: 15° 23' 60" North
Longitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds: 99° 33' East
Height above sea level: 127 m,   416.67 ft,   5000 in
Geographical feature: A (Administrative region type feature)
Feature designation code: A.ADM1 (first-order administrative division)

*first-order administrative division - a primary administrative division of a country, such as a state in the United States

Cities in region

Uthai Thani
Thap Than
Ban Ang Huai Dong
Ban Bang Kung
Ban Bang Yai
Ban Bo Chumsaeng
Ban Bo Mat
Ban Bo Nam Yen
Ban Bo Noi
Ban Bo Sai
Ban Bo Thap Tai
Ban Bueng Charoen
Ban Bueng Haeng
Ban Bueng Haeng
Ban Bueng Khok Chang
Ban Bueng Ma-nao
Ban Bueng Na
Ban Bueng Thap Tae
Ban Bueng Ton
Ban Bueng Waeng
Ban Bun Lue
Ban Bung
Ban Bung Ai Chiam
Ban Bung Fang
Ban Bung Kasoe
Ban Bung Ko
Ban Chai Khao
Ban Chaksa
Ban Champa
Ban Chan
Ban Chao Wat
Ban Chong Nok Tha
Ban Chum Klang
Ban Chum Mai
Ban Chum Thahan