Rock Islands

Region information

Region: Koror
Time Zone: Pacific/Palau
GMT/UTC: + 9  hours
DST: + 9  hours

*GMT/UTC - Standard Time Zone
*DST - Daylight Saving Time

Geographic information

Latitude in decimal degrees: 7.339
Longitude in decimal degrees: 134.4785
Latitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds: 7° 20' 20" North
Longitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds: 134° 29' 43" East
Height above sea level: 16 m,   52.49 ft,   629.92 in
Geographical feature: A (Administrative region type feature)
Feature designation code: A.ADM1 (first-order administrative division)

*first-order administrative division - a primary administrative division of a country, such as a state in the United States

Cities in region

Koror Town
Echang Hamlet
Echol Hamlet
Idid Hamlet
Ikelau Hamlet
Iyebukel Hamlet
Koror State
Medalaii Hamlet
Meketii Hamlet
Meyungs Hamlet
Ngerbeched Hamlet
Ngerbodel Hamlet
Ngerchemai Hamlet
Ngerekebesang Hamlet
Ngerkeseuaol Hamlet
Ngermid Hamlet
Tngeronger Hamlet